Mobile App Penetration Testing

Mobile App Penetration Testing

Mobile applications add value to our lives in many different ways but they also transfer huge amounts of information every second. Mobile App Penetration Testing and Mobile applications are all over different platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and other mobile operating systems. With our mobile penetration testing services, we analyze your mobile applications to find any residing vulnerabilities that can put your end-user at high risk.

We analyze your mobile applications for protection against many vulnerabilities including Weak server-side controls, Poor authentication & authorization, API vulnerabilities, client-side injection, and much more. Mobile App Penetration Testing.

Our Approach

Our cybersecurity experts test your mobile applications in a safe environment by simulating real cyber attacks to find potential threats residing in the application. We use various security tool kits and manual methods to find and report potential threats before an attacker can exploit them. After complete pen testing of your application, we provide detailed reports on our findings where we list all the critical and minor threats. Moreover, we also provide solution services to patch these vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits them.


  • Secured Application: Mobile app testing makes potential vulnerabilities visible that can be fixed by our recommended solutions.
  • End-User’s Security: The applications users transfer vast amounts of data that can be intercepted without proper protection. We ensure that your users are safe from such attacks.
  • No monetary loss: Companies have to face monetary loss due to bad application security. We ensure that the application is secure enough to prevent data breaches that can lead to huge financial loss.

Why SecureMinds?

Our experts have penetration testing capabilities on all mobile application platforms. We test your applications against all major application attacks from both server and client-side. Ethical hackers at SecureMinds have complete insights about how attackers operate, it helps to find and eliminate potential mobile application threats before they are exploited.