Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Almost 98% of cyber attacks rely on social engineering, and do you know who these victims are? Unfortunately, many of them are company employees who are unaware of cybersecurity. Moreover, new employees are a crisp target for attackers. The social engineering attacks might lead to breaches that can cost millions of dollars to an organization. This shows how vulnerable and risky employees can become when they are not trained well.

Cybersecurity awareness training is essential for all organizations to teach their employees about various types of attacks, including phishing, malicious emails, scams, and other social engineering tactics used by hackers. The employees will be more aware and responsible once they learn about such potential threats. Moreover, these training sessions should be held on a monthly or yearly basis to keep your employees updated with new potential threats.

Our Approach

The Verizon 2019 Investigation Report clearly states that 93% of breaches start from phishing and our employees are potential victims for such attacks. Our professionals train your employees according to new emerging threats faced by most employees. We make your employees confident about your organization’s security so that they can make the right decisions even if an attacker attempts to target them. As a result, your organization is more secured from data breaches, ransomware attacks, and network attacks.


  • Increased Awareness: Proper cybersecurity education will improve your employees’ security awareness, resulting in a better security infrastructure with fewer chances of social engineering attacks.
  • Ongoing Defense: Your employees will frequently be educated about the latest security threats and prevention against them.
  • Engaging Courses: We design our training sessions in such a way that every employee takes interest rather than scrolling through some boring presentations.
  • Prevent Phishing: Phishing is the most common type of attack, targeting company employees. We dive deep into this topic to provide your employees with a better understanding of phishing attacks and their prevention.

Why SecureMinds?

Our interactive training sessions have helped organizations to increase security awareness in a much effective way. We tailor our training sessions according to your employees’ intellect to teach them in the best possible way without being so technical. Moreover, we provide your employees with the latest information about new emerging threats and their prevention.